About Us

We are a family of four plus a border collie and a cat with attitude.  Located in North East Adelaide nestled across the road from some fabulous walking trails our son calls the 'jungle forest'. We love having a connection with nature either walking, camping, gardening or just getting dirty outside. My aim with Feather and Leaf is to bring you that connection with nature we so love through play. By using toys made from our Earths beautiful resources we truly hope to do this.

So why this, why the timber, why the playdough? I worked in the furniture industry for many years selling timber furniture and here came about my love for it, the appreciation for the different timbers. We were always puzzled as to why customers asked for wooden furniture, I get it now cause my children have wooden toys not timber toys! Anyway, we source our gorgeous timber slices from Warburton right here in Australia. This part is fabulous as trees aren't being cut down left, right and centre instead these come from invasive pine trees or fallen trees. I just love the texture of the bark and seeing the rings of the timber, I love the smoothness of these cut slices. To lightly seal these I hand make our finishing oil, its just beeswax and coconut oil no nasties, nothing complicated. This oil really brings out the features in the timber and it smells divine.

Why the playdough, well since finishing work in the furniture industry I have become a Mum and really what child doesn't love some playdough fun and me too. Its a great activity to set up so you can have that coffee hot whilst your child is entertained and refining those fine motor skills or when morning sick hits, you really can lay there and play with playdough it got me through! Lastly I wanted to create something to add to your toy collection that wasn't plastic, that could be handed down to friend or cousin or sibling, that looked like a part of nature was now part of your home. I am aspiring to leave a minimal footprint on this beautiful Earth. 

The name Feather and Leaf was inspired by our two children. Our son loves his nature, the plants, the trees, the veggie patch. He simply loves to explore. One of his favourite places would be the Botanic Gardens here in Adelaide he loves to find all the secret paths and he can walk for hours without a complaint and has done so for as long as I can remember. He is the leaf in Feather and Leaf.

Our daughter is the feather in Feather and Leaf. She adores animals and has a quiet, calm nature around them. For anyone who knows her this is not her normal personality she is bright, vibrant and sometimes a little loud! She is often heard chatting to our dog and cat, loves to pat them and cuddle them and is always wanting to bring our dog inside 'just for a little bit'.

We hope you enjoy playing and creating and would love nothing more than seeing what your children create. Please email, message, or use the tag #featherandleafco so we can share and inspire others.

Thank you for your support.

Connecting play with nature.