Gus + Mabel - Trinketie Treasures - Blooming Bliss

Gus + Mabel - Trinketie Treasures - Blooming Bliss

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Step into the enchanting world of Trinketie Treasures, where small wonders hold boundless beauty and magical powers, truly mesmerizing tiny treasures that captivate the hearts of your little ones, sparking their imagination and creativity.

Introduce Trinketie Treasures into your little ones sensory play adventures, and open the portal to a realm of endless possibilities where dragons roam and fairies dance.

The allure of these miniature marvels is MAGICAL.



Add a little trinketie treasure to promote language development through exploratory play and social interaction as well as fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, focus, engagement, and problem-solving;

• Focus + Concentration

• Investigation + reasoning

• Hand-eye coordination + control

• Sink + float concepts

• Causal effect

• Language development

• Spatial awareness



• Composition: Eco Resin Rhinestones

• Features: Mesmerizing rainbow treasures

• Impact: Non-Toxic + 100% Bio-degradable 

• Dimensions Bag: W 7cm H 11cm D 2cm 

• Weight: 40g



• Store: Keep your Trinketie Treasures safe in the resealable airtight bag provided or your treasure chest under lock and key. Congratulations, little one, you've hit the jackpot!



• Recommended Age: 3+

• Note: Trinketie Treasures may pose a choking hazard; vigilance is always required. Not suitable for our littlest loves 0-3 or those that like to put things in their mouth. Yes, they are non-toxic, but our Trinketie Treasures are not intended for human consumption and would taste awful!

📸 @gusandmabelco